They say I cannot change but they do not know me.

Celebrating 21 years of Farscape

"I don't think of Crais as a villain. I don't think of him as a bad character at all. I just think of him as absolutely passionate, absolutely driven and if he actually needs to achieve something, he'll do it. . .no matter."
--Lani John Tupu


The Chronicles stand as a work of respect, admiration and love for the unforgettable actor--Lani John Tupu--who not only breathed life into a puppet, Pilot, but brought width and breadth to an otherwise one note character, Crais. These stories were written as homage, and to serve as a love letter to the die-hard fans who believed Crais deserved a better, richer storyline.

What is Farscape?

This science fiction series--originally airing on the erstwhile SciFi Channel--revolves around a diverse group of beings who are fleeing a military organization called the Peacekeepers. These creatures live aboard a whale-like bio-mechanical ship called Moya--a living entity and formerly a prison ship. They are joined by John Crichton, an American astronaut who accidentally flies into a wormhole near Earth during an experimental space flight. In their escape, another stranger comes aboard: a stranded Peacekeeper pilot named Aeryn Sun. Despite his best efforts, Crichton makes enemies at every turn; primary among them are Peacekeeper Captain Bialar Crais, who seeks revenge for his dead brother, and Scorpius, who covets Crichton's wormhole knowledge.


Special thanks to Jim Henson Company for the work of art that is Farscape. Without Brian Henson and Rockne S. O'Bannon, there would be no Farscape.

All Farscape characters and images are the property of Jim Henson Company and are covered by all copyrights thereto. They are used here only in a fan capacity as homage to their creation.

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  • Immaculate Deception

    Bialar Crais is a powerful and respected officer, captain of the Peacekeeper command carrier Mhultaan.

    Unfortunately, with that kind of power comes envy, suspicion and hatred. When his project to impregnate a Leviathan with a Gunship offspring fails miserably, it gets noticed. The Traitor Velorek is dead but suspicions remain. Whispers, gossip, and innuendo reach the wrong ears. Scorpius is listening and Bialar Crais has been careless.

  • Serendipity and Procrustes

    It's time to resupply Talyn. Choosing an isolated commerce planet in a remote system, Crais comes away with a purchase he could never have expected in his wildest dreams.

    His acquisition could literally be the pearl of great price, or the headman's axe. It will all depend on how he uses it. Will he choose wisely?

  • Reparation

    Bialar Crais has demons in his past. He has committed unspeakable acts. Merely turning over a new leaf cannot erase them. No matter how deep into the Uncharted Territories he flees with Talyn, it will never be far enough. Despite his new found compassion, he could never be benevolent enough.

    Fate is hunting him and she is ravenous for comeuppance.

    As Crais has secretly known all his days, life wasn't meant to have happy endings.

  • Rebirth

    Going against the Builder's Forum of leaders, immortal Khatoden meddles in the affairs of mortals, snatching both Talyn and Crais from the flames of death.

    Now rebirthed and returned to the realm of mortal beings, Crais has a decision to make. He must start life anew. His actions from now on will impact all Leviathans and the Builders who create them. He must also hide from Peacekeeper, Scarran, and Nebari eyes. When familiar faces return to haunt his new life, will he learn from his mistakes and pursue a different path? Or, will circumstances conspire to draw him into another fight for his and Talyn's lives?

  • Legacy

    Bialar Crais has survived and thrived for twelve cycles in the Uncharted Territories. He has become an expert cartographer, creating star charts of the Uncharted Territories and Tormented Space for buyers far and wide, including the Peacekeepers.

    It's been nearly three cycles since the Sun-Crichtons have had a reunion with Crais. When an invitation comes from Talyn, it's unexpected. Crichton is suspicious, but Aeryn and Moya convince him it's safe.

    While on Phebys III, a massive commerce planet, the two families come together in a celebration that quickly turns to sorrow when the unthinkable happens.

    As the tragedy unfolds, Crichton and Crais must work together, and call in favors from beings they'd rather do without.

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