They say I cannot change but they do not know me.

Celebrating 21 years of Farscape

Crais Chronicles Book I:

Immaculate Deception

The Peacekeepers fear very little. One thing they do dread is coming to the attention of the Internal Affairs Directorate. For as long as the Peacekeepers have held sway over the universe, the IAD has been the watch dog of the military and government sectors. Comparable to the Nazi Gestapo, IAD has earned its fearsome reputation.

Over the centuries, it has become common practice to fabricate accusations of treasonous activities among the higher echelons. When nothing else will topple a powerful enemy, an IAD investigation surely will. IAD Regulators will use any means necessary to get a confession. Rarely do they fail.

Bialar Crais is a powerful and respected officer, captain of the Peacekeeper command carrier Mhultaan.

Unfortunately, with that kind of power comes envy, suspicion and hatred. When his project to impregnate a Leviathan with a Gunship offspring fails miserably, it gets noticed. The Traitor Velorek is dead but suspicions remain. Whispers, gossip, and innuendo reach the wrong ears. Scorpius is listening and Bialar Crais has been careless.

In this diabolical tale of Pride and Prejudice with an ensemble of characters straight from Hell's central casting, no one is innocent or escapes unscathed.